The KB Midweek Round Up of Lifestyle Articles

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: October 17, 2019

Here is your weekly roundup of the articles that tickled your fancy last week!

Billy Porter Nabs the Cinderella Story!

Pose star Billy Porter will be bringing his sassy self to the Cinderella live-action as a ‘Fairy god mother’ to Cinderella who is being played by Camila Cabello.

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Pure Purrfection

As a Zoe Kravitz joins the cast of Batman, as the new Catwoman, we go through the generation of woman who have held the coveted role.

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Shops you Need to Know for your Home Makeover

A detailed map of how to go around the all important house make over. Giving you all the information to tweak and spice up your home.

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The Korean Influence in Kenya

Korea here, Korea there, Korea everywhere. We look into how Korea has inprinted its culture into Kenya.

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Artists make TingaTinga Tales come to life

Tinga Tinga, first from the animated series of African folk stories and then, from the musical by Eric Wainaina and Claudia Lloyd. But now, Nairobi Gallery presents Tingatinga artwork from Tanzanian painter, E.S.Tingatinga.

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