Now and Forever Finale: A Tragic End for Inno and Eva

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 29, 2019  

Now and Forever followed the story of Inno and Eva, two people fated to love each other but are caught between their warring families. The serye recently came to an end on NTVKenya and things did not end well for Inno and Eva as well as  Rebecca and Stella, who ended up losing their children.

Rebecca had always wanted to take revenge against the Cortes family for having killed her one true love, Rodrigo. She therefore coaxed Oliver; Stella’s other son into abandoning his family and planned on using him to cause a rift in the Cortes family by pitting him against his brother Inno. She would use their shared affection for Eva and things were going well until Rebecca found out that Eva was her long lost daughter.

The damage had already been done and Oliver ended up harboring a strong resentment for Inno after he took the girl he loved away. The feud between their families helped him justify his vendetta so he kidnapped Eva and planned to kill her to avenge his family. Inno went to save Eva and Oliver ended up shooting him and Eva, killing them both.

The war between Rebecca and Stella eventually ended once their children were gone. It was however not a hopeless end for Inno and Eva who managed to reunite in the afterlife and finally be together.

What did you think of Now and Forever finale?


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