Now and Forever: Rebecca vs Stella

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: August 22, 2019

Rebecca was able to escape from the jaws of death after Stella tried to kill her for the second time. She was in a coma for a year and came back eager to seek justice and make Stella pay for what she had done.

As soon as Rebecca was back, she filled a case against Stella for frustrated murder and took her to court. Things did not go as she had hoped since Stella was able to walk out free since Rebecca did not have enough evidence. The situation leaves Rebecca frustrated with the justice system as Rebecca escapes free once more. She has gone as far as hurting her own daughter because of her anger. She disowned Eva for choosing to protect her love with Inno, Stella’s son instead of remaining loyal to her family. After losing her family, she now wants to  take her own revenge against Rebecca.

Stella is also mad at Rebecca because she believes that Rebecca is the reason why her husband Hernan died. After walking out free, she now wants to end Rebecca.

Who do you think will end up winning this battle?

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