First Look at NTV’s New Teleserye “Now and Forever”

Article by Flora
Posted: May 30, 2019

Now and Forever is the newest Filipino serye replacing Memories of Love on NTV Kenya. It is an ABSCBN production from 2018 staring Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. This will be Joshua Garcia’s second serye to be aired on Kenyan Television after The Good Son.

Now and Forever is a mystical story about Eva Mapendo (Julia Barretto) and Inno Cortes (Joshua Garcia).  Eva is the daughter of Rodrigo and Rebecca. Rodrigo is the rightful heir to the Cortes fortune but his stepbrother, Hernan kills him along with his wife Rebecca in order to retain the wealth for his own. Eva is saved as a young baby and grows up with another couple, Joey and Mia. The Cortes go after them as well so Eva is forced to flee. She ends up in the care of Rosa, her brother-in-law Abel and his wife Adessa.

Inno is the son of Hernan Cortes and grows up to be an upright man to win the favor of his mother, Stella. Inno and Eva will eventually meet and Eva will have to choose between revenge against the Cortes family and her love for Inno.

The Serye features an ensemble cast which includes Jameson Blake, Alice Dixson, Christian Vasquez, Elisse Joson, Rio Locsin and Ina Raymundo.

You can follow Now and Forever on NTVKenya from Monday to Friday at 6:00 pm.

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