Now and Forever: Who killed Rodrigo?

Now and Forever: Who killed Rodrigo?

Rodrigo’s death has now become a key factor in the story after Rebecca’s reappearance. She has returned to find out the circumstances of Rodrigo’s death. She befriended Hernan, Rodrigo’s half-brother who was also believed to be Rodrigo’s real killer.

Hernan’s guilt over killing Rodrigo haunted him and he therefore decided to tell Rebecca the truth. Before doing so, he consulted a lawyer who helped conduct a forensic investigation that revealed Hernan was not the real killer. Hernan had stabbed Rodrigo but he died from a severe injury from a pitchfork that someone else must have inflicted. Both he and Rebecca also found out that the pathologist assigned to examine Rodrigo’s body to reveal the cause of death was changed during the investigation, making the situation even more suspicious.

With Hernan’s guilt gone, he is now working with Rebecca to find out the person behind Rodrigo’s death. Who do you think killed Rodrigo?

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