Timeless Love: Who is the Father of Roberta’s Child?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: March 04, 2021  

Roberta’s schemes might finally end with the paternity of her child’s father now in question. With the help of her cunning mother, Roberta was able to make Matias marry her by claiming Jeronimo, Renata’s husband, sired the child she was carrying. In an effort to spare Renata from getting hurt, Matias claimed the child as his and married Roberta.

Renata came to stop the wedding after finding out that Roberta was La Bonita and had a relationship with Rafael, Jeronimo’s brother. She was therefore the reason why Rafael had committed suicide. She arrived a little too late and was not able to stop the wedding. She did tell her family about Roberta’s relationship with Rafael but Roberta denied it. Roberta retaliated by telling Renata that her husband was the father of her child.

Jeronimo arrived to reconcile with Renata and apologize for mistaking her as La Bonita. He received hostile treatment from her and later found it was because he was the father of Roberta’s child. Roberta’s involvement with Rafael, Jeronimo and Matias now lay doubt of her child’s paternity so Jeronimo demanded to have a DNA test to confirm it.

The issue puts Roberta in a predicament because Jeronimo is not the father. Furthermore, she previously lost the child after suffering a miscarriage. Therefore, there is no child to aid her with her schemes. How will she get herself out of this situation? You can follow the intrigues of Roberta to see how the plot develops on NTVKenya, weekdays at 6:00 pm.

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