Timeless Love: Jeronimo’s Doubts about Renata Renewed

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 24, 2020  

Jeronimo was set on erasing all the doubts he had about Renata being La Bonita. La Bonita is the woman who hurt his brother, Rafael and brought him to his death. Renata was able to clear her reputation in Jeronimo’s eyes after breaking up with Matias and leaving her family to be with Jeronimo. After spending time with her, Jeronimo was convinced that Renata would reveal the truth to him eventually and hence discarded his plans to take revenge against her. He left all the evidence he had collected at Rafael’s ranch, and was ready to let start anew with Renata. Unfortunately, his doubts have been renewed after a visit from Josefina.

Josefina, Renata’s mother is out to cover her tracks because she is the mastermind behind the death of Rafael. She found out from Roberta (Rafael’s real girlfriend) that Rafael never called her by her name, hence Jeronimo would not know who his brother’s girlfriend was. Josefina thus visited Jeronimo and told him that Renata was Rafael’s girlfriend. She added that Renata toyed with Rafael and was not serious about him because he was poor. Since Jeronimo only suspected Renata, Josefina’s visit served to solidify all the doubts he had about her. He is now convinced that she is deceiving him and is only after his wealth.

What steps will Jeronimo take moving forward? Will he continue with his revenge? You can follow Timeless Love on NTVKenya, weekdays at 6:00pm

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