Timeless Love: The Search for La Bonita

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 12, 2021  

La Bonita is the woman who sparked tragedy in the life of Jeronimo and his brother Rafael. When Jeronimo arrived in Mexico, he was dejected to find his brother Rafael dead after his fiancé, La Bonita, left him. Jeronimo embarked on a search for La Bonita to make her pay for hurting Rafael. His search pointed him towards Renata and he approached her in an effort to take revenge but instead ended up falling  in love with her instead.

Jeronimo married Renata because he loved her but his thirst for vengeance would not let him live happily with her. He antagonized her and Renata was hurt to see that her marriage was not what she had imagined. It was until recently that she found out the reason behind Jeronimo’s attitude toward her. She was heartbroken to hear of Rafael’s death, a person she considered a dear friend, but was even more perplexed to find out that everyone thought she was La Bonita.

Renata now plans to find the woman named La Bonita in order to prove to Jeronimo that she was not involved with Rafael and hopefully save their marriage. Will she succeed?

You can follow Timeless Love on NTV-Kenya to find out how the search for La Bonita goes. The show airs from Monday to Friday at 6:00 pm

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