Timeless Love: Renata is Engaged to Augustine!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: April 08, 2021  

The drama on Timeless Love continues to get more intriguing as Renata gets engaged to Augustine! After her divorce with Jeronimo was finalized, Renata did not waste any time and immediately got involved with someone else in an effort to spite Jeronimo. When Jeronimo found out, he interpreted it as betrayal on Renata’s part but she was quick to remind him that he was the one who deceived her from the beginning.

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With this engagement, Augustine is happy to have defeated Jeronimo, whom he considers an archrival and enemy. He relentlessly pursued Renata when she was dating Matias and did not waver even after she got married to Jeronimo. He eventually managed to win her favor by treating her well and showering her with his attention, something Renata could not find in Jeronimo.

With this new development, it seems Renata and Jeronimo will continue on their endless cycle of hurt and vengeance without an amicable break up or make up. What do you think of Renata’s engagement to Augustine?

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