Timeless Love: Jeronimo and Renata are Divorced!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: April 01, 2021  

The problematic marriage between Jeronimo and Renata is now over! The marriage took a turn for the worst after Renata found out that Jeronimo only married her to avenge his brother’s death. It was too late for Jeronimo to salvage the situation after he realized that he was wrong and had misjudged Renata.

Augustine took advantage of Renata’s anger towards Jeronimo and encouraged her to get an express divorce. The procedure does not require consent from both parties and grants divorce as long as one person asks for it. Augustine therefore introduced Renata to a lawyer and she filed for divorce.

Unaware of the situation, Jeronimo tried to win back Renata by showering her with gifts, flowers and other romantic gestures. He wanted to sort things out between them and even convinced Renata to meet with him. Unfortunately, Renata never showed up and mysteriously disappeared. Jeronimo later received the divorce papers informing him that his marriage to Renata was over.

What does the future hold for Jeronimo and Renata after divorce? You can follow the show on NTVKenya, weekdays at 6:00pm to find out if they will get back together.

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