The Glow Up! Skincare Tips from Untamed Beauty Brenda Wangeci

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: December 09, 2020  

It’s been slightly over a year since Untamed Beauty babe Brenda Wangeci launched her wildly popular cosmetic line that had beauty influencers on Instagram giving rave reviews.

To celebrate her brand’s first anniversary, she’s expanded her portfolio by launching a skincare line of lavish body butters and Vitamin C serum.  Brenda wasn’t going to let 2020 dampen her visage and wanted to share her glow up with everyone else. 

KenyaBuzz caught up with her and she let us in on what she’s been up to this past year, what’s coming up and shared some great skin care tips.

KB: Congratulations on Untamed Beauty’s first anniversary! What has this past year taught you as a first time entrepreneur?

Wow! 2020 has been quite the year. But I choose to focus on the silver lining; perseverance and consistency is on top of the list. 

The second lesson is a quote by Jeff Bezos ‘’ Be stubborn on the vision but flexible on the details’’. This year has taught me that to survive as an entrepreneur, you must think on your feet, act fast, be very flexible and take risks. 

KB: Was this always the plan? To launch new products on the anniversary of your first ‘babies’? I mean, we are in the midst of a pandemic! Were you sceptical about launching? How has the reception been thus far?

Yes and no. Yes, I always knew I would launch a  skincare line, it has been in the works and pipeline for about 3 years now. But my plan was to launch it in mid 2021. When the pandemic hit us hard in March 2020, the sales of cosmetics went down by 95%. Instead of panicking, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and I chose to see the glass as half full. 

People were slowing down and had more time to take care and pamper their skin. I took a leap of faith and launched Untamed Beauty Organic Shea Butter in April. The feedback was great. In fact we sold a little over 1,000 jars in only 5 days. 

There was no looking back. People were asking for more. I decided before the end of the year, I’d launch my Vitamin C + Turmeric – Glow and Anti- Aging serum, Repair Rose Bomb Oil and Organic scented body butters. When we launched, they sold out in 72 hours. 

KB: Wow! that’s impressive. Vegans will be pleased to read that your new line of skincare products is sustainably made and is 100% cruelty free unlike most similar products in the market today. What else should we know about the butters and serum?

I’m a firm believer that what we put on our skin will show up in our body and what we put in our body will show up on our skin. Our Vitamin C + Turmeric serum and Rose Bomb Oil are 100% vegan,organic, wild and hand crafted with love. If you can’t pronounce or spell it, then it won’t be in the ingredients list. We don’t use harsh synthetic chemicals or ingredients in our products. 

Unlike other serums in the market, our  Vitamin C + Turmeric serum is 100% plant based and holistic. It also takes less than 30 seconds to fully absorb while most serums take 2 minutes. 

Our Repair Rose Bomb Oil is handcrafted with love, and infused with 5 oils such as Tea Tree oil and Jojoba  which are great for fighting acne and Cinnamon Bark tree that was used over 5000 years ago by native Egyptians to heal skin diseases. The organic dried rose petals help in soothing sensitive skin and act as an excellent sun block. 

KB: Oh, you know your stuff! Can you please share your daily and nightly skin-care routine?

My skin care routine is very simple. 

I use organic honey and turmeric soap to wash my face, tone it, then apply my vitamin C + Turmeric serum, followed by my Rose Bomb Oil. This is my daily morning and night skin care routine. It has worked for me perfectly. 

KB: What’s the one skin-care ingredient you can’t get enough of at the moment and everyone should try out?

Every woman, man or child should have their hands on the Repair Rose Bomb Oil. 

Every woman above 30, MUST have the Vitamin C + Turmeric Serum. 


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KB:  What’s the most-asked question in your DMs from customers?

How can I have a healthy, youthful and glowing skin? I have already answered above. 

KB: What else can we look out for from U.B?

We are definitely working on more products. We will be soon launching a hair fertilizer to tackle thin edges, unhealthy hair, alopecia, hair fall. You can also expect more vegan skin products like face masks, under eye serum, body oils, vegan lip glosses just to name a few. 

Become an untamed beauty by getting your glow up here.

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