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Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: October 16, 2019  

Our WCW today is Brenda Wangeci. With her debut beauty line, Brenda told the world that Untamed Beauty was on an unapologetic mission to disrupt and diversify the existing beauty ideal. Her make-up line, has garnered great rave reviews since its launch a week ago, both for its quality-to-affordability ratio and its emphasis on breaking the mold of what’s considered ‘beautiful’.

 Brenda lets us in on her inspiration to launch Untamed Beauty, what makes her product unique and how she plans to stay on top of the game


KB: How did you go from being a lawyer to the beauty-prenueur you are today?

I have a degree in BA Economics and a second degree in Law. Having worked as a Legal Executive, Compliance Specialist, Chief of Staff and Chief Executive Assistant to group CEO’s, in 500 fortune companies, I always felt unfulfilled. It was exhausting to sit behind a desk. All I did was dream behind my desk. The routine was killing my creativity.

I took a leap of faith and pursued my true love with my life’s savings, beauty with a cause where I could exercise freedom in creating premium luxury products for less for the Kenyan and African woman at large, but also shatter all the stereotypes hence the birth of Untamed Beauty.

KB: You’ve said that you created this line when you realized ‘Beauty was stereotyped and controlled’. Did you have difficulty in the past trying to conform to ‘beauty standards’? How will Untamed Beauty change the narrative?

The beauty industry has always been controlled to suit certain standards which in my opinion is absurd and backward. Beauty comes in different shapes, shades and sizes. All models in beauty/ fashion magazines, music videos, billboards all look the same. Yes, they are beautiful, but there are some other kinds of beauty as well.


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Isn’t she beautiful? Queen @nyaaruai nailed this look. Bold. Unapologetic. Untamed and free. Eyes: NairoBerry eye palette. Shades: Wamlambez, Ndom, G.O.A.T and Ndai. Lipstick – Prayer Warrior (velvety, creamy, lasts upto 8 hours and smells like fresh berries). Wamlambeeeeeezzzz!!!!!! You can order online on for same day deliveries or call us on 0700811111. Or visit our official distributor @jaleysglamhub At – Jaleys Glam Hub Yala Towers, Ground Floor, Shop B03 Tel: ‪+254706767031‬ #untamedbeautyke #nairobikenya #wamlambez eye palette #kenyanbeautyblogger #kenyanbeauty

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During my research, I was appalled to discover that 85% of women in Kenya don’t feel represented in the beauty industry. I want to change that. We need to include all kinds of beauty. You will notice our models don’t fit the stereotype. We pride in being untamed rather than being the fairest of them all.

In my 20’s I modelled for fashion designers in Asia and Middle East. Sometimes I’d never get the job beacause I was either, too short, too skinny, too dark, there was always something.

Untamed Beauty encourages women to show up unapologeticaly and refuse to fit in a box. To celebrate their own authentic selves without conforming. Why be the fairest of them all when you can be untamed?


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Today we proudly launch Untamed Beauty. Untamed Beauty is cosmetic line with a difference that also keeps in mind that you deserve luxury We can’t wait for your feedback as your sample our various beauty products, lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, hair sprays, serums etc. What’s more, you can shop from the comfort of your office or home and we will deliver on the same day. And this is what we are all about. Premium products that doesn’t hurt your pockets. Kindly pop in and shop on our website – You can also visit official distributors: Jaileys Glam Hub, Yala Towers Ground Floor, Tel: 0706 767031, Koinange street. (We will update a list of all our distributors in due course). Have you joined the tribe? #Untamedbeautyke #Beyoubefree

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KB: What’s your definition of ‘beautiful’?

Being confident in your own skin and showing up unapologetically.

KB: What were the most important factors that you considered while creating Untamed Beauty?

Quality was a top priority for us. Our products are also vegan, cruelty and paraben free.

We also had to keep in mind that these products were for the Kenyan and the African woman hence we tailor made it to suit our clientele.


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Champers Matte lipstick. Finish your day sparkling ?

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KB: How involved were you in the process of creating the products?

I was 100% involved from testing the quality, hues, design and branding to visiting the factories in person.

I worked with amazing people. Stephanie Gitonga and Victor Maina helped a lot with products targeting the millennials and the millennials at heart.

KB: Do you have a favorite product from Untamed Beauty?

I see all my products as my babies. Hence no favorite. I love all of them!However the NairoBerry eye palette went viral just a few hours of launching it. It’s an eye palette that resonates with Kenyans due to the colour shades being named after famous sheng words.


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Nothing screams – Kenyan; more than this palette. The new talk of town. Grab one! They are selling like hot cakes. Kosa uchekwe…..?? #untamedbeautyke #nairoberry #wamlambez palette #nairobi #kenyanbloggers Wamlambeeeeeezzzz!!!!!! You can order online on for same day deliveries Or visit our official distributor @jaleysglamhub At – Jaleys Glam Hub Yala Towers, Ground Floor, shop B03 Tel: ‪‬ +254706767031

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The eye palette also looks like a chocolate with a berry in it hence we changed ‘Nairobbery’ to something sweet and positive-NairoBerry.


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NairoBerry eyepallet is the talk of town. Have you grabbed yourself one? @_denniskaruri had fun creating this look. We love how he did it. #nairobikenya #untamedbeautyke #kenyabeautyproducts #kenyanbeauty #eyepalette

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My favorite lipstick is Prayer Warrior and Opulence. Prayer Warrior is Strong and Bold and suits all African skin hues, while opulence is grand and extravagant. We have received very good reviews on our lipsticks as well.


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Isn’t she beautiful? Queen Petronila with her “ Prayer Warrior” lippie.

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KB: On the days when you’re not feeling so hot but still have to go out and be an untamed beauty what do you do?

You just answered the question. I show up as an untamed beauty.

KB: How will you stay on top of an already saturated market? What’s the strategy?

Jack Ma once said “Stop focusing on competitors. Focus on the customer”.

Our customer’s feedback is key. We will always work close with our customers as that’s our most priced and valuable asset in our business.

KB: What has surprised you the most about the response to Untamed Beauty?

I didn’t expect our brand to be recognized this fast. It has been a very pleasant surprise to see people embracing our campaign and buying our products less than a week after our official launch.


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Queens looking fabulous with our lippies. @betakamu was so impressed with them she ended up grabbing all shades! Try us ?

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KB: What’s next for you and the world of beauty?

Continue to offer luxury for less while shattering the stereotypes of beauty in Kenya and all over Africa. The dream is for our products to be in every country in Africa and for all black girls to know they are beautiful as they are.

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