Sin Tu Mirada: Don Luis Apologizes to Marina

Article by Flora
Posted: July 18, 2019

Don Luis is Marina’s biological father but the two have never been able to get along. He has always looked down on Marina for being blind and that did not change even after he learnt that she was his daughter. He opposed her relationship with Alberto and ended up being among the reasons why the two broke up.

Because of his disdain for Marina, she also grew to resent him and therefore refused the offer he once gave to adopt her and give her his last name. The two grew estranged but Don Luis finally decided to amend their relationship after Marina gave birth. He always wanted an heir, a son to carry his family name and hence saw the opportunity in Marina’s son. The problem was Marina’s feelings toward him and the fact that she would not allow him to meet her son.  Don Luis decided to go and apologize to her in the hope that she would allow him to meet his grandson. Marina refused to forgive him but she agreed to let him visit her son because she did not want him to inherit her resentment.

Don Luis’ character is not one to meekly apologize for his mistakes and his actions therefore seem suspicious. Do you think his apology was sincere?

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