Sin Tu Mirada: Marina’s Real Identity Revealed

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: April 04, 2019

Marina’s identity as the daughter of Prudencia and Don Luis had finally been revealed. This comes Don Luis found out that his son Alberto married Marina in secret.

Don Luis could not accept that his dear son Alberto went and married a blind girl when he had opposed their union from the beginning. He therefore gave Marina away to Doctor Isauro; the man who has always coveted her affection.

Everyone went in an uproar to find out where Don Luis took Marina but he refused to tell anyone where she was. Angustias and Damiana; Marina’s adoptive mother therefore had no choice but to reveal the truth of Marina’s identity so that Don Luis could tell them where he had taken her.

Don Luis and Prudencia hence found out that the two women had exchanged Marina and Alberto when they were born which meant that she was actually their daughter. Don Luis refused to believe this and thought it a fabricated tale to make him reveal Marina’s whereabouts.

Do you think Don Luis will finally accept Marina after he confirms that she is indeed his daughter?

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