Claudia Alvarez is Expecting Her First Baby

Article by Flora
Posted: July 18, 2019

Simply Maria star Claudia Alvarez recently announced that she and husband Billy Rovzar were expecting their first child.

The couple has been hoping to start a family of their own ever since they got married in 2016. According to reports, Billy Rovzar had a vasectomy since he already had two children from a previous marriage. Claudia Alvarez therefore had to undergo artificial insemination to get pregnant. After a year of trying, the procedure was finally successful.

Claudia Alvarez took to Instagram to share the good news writing:

We are Pregnant! Do you feel everything happening out here? We are both waiting for you with all the love of a couple that has been built with the most solid foundation and a home full of love that has so much to give you. We cannot be any happier for your arrival and are preparing to be the best example for you. Your daddy and I!”

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