3 Kenyan Short Films You Need to Watch

3 Kenyan Short Films You Need to Watch

Loved 'Wakamba Forever'? There's more where that came from!

Short films enjoyed a sort of renaissance last year, thanks mostly to the genuinely impressive Wakamba Forever which captivated YouTube audiences and went on to win big at the Machakosfest Short Film Fest. 2018 also saw the debut of Shorts, Shorts & Shots Рa monthly short film fiesta with a unique selling point.

The momentum has spilled over into 2019 and the awesome Kenyan-made shorts just keep coming. Here, we highlight three of our favourite Kenyan shorts newly available on YouTube.

You can watch more Kenyan films on this channel.

1. Crossroads

An interesting turn of events occurs when a young man tries to squeeze his three dates into a Saturday afternoon.

2. Mbichwa Tu

A funny story about a late-night weed run gone wrong.

3. Freelance

A story about a hit man who takes his job a little too seriously.





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