Shorts, Shorts & Shots: An Evening of Short Films, Good Booze and Great Company

Article by Lena Anyuolo
Posted: July 31, 2018  

Shorts, Shorts & Shots is a monthly event hosted at Prestige Plaza. The idea is simple, attendees who come dressed in a pair of shorts get a chance to watch a selection of short films curated by DocuBox, interact with fellow movie lovers and filmmakers while enjoying shots of their favourite drink. DocuBox is a local film fund that promotes East African talent by providing production film grants, hosting training workshops and doing regular screenings of documentaries and films.

Reality, which was the first film of the night was about a man who has his medication switched by his night guard and maid and ends up killing his wife – At least I hope that is what the film was about. It was a little too abstract so it went completely over my head.

Cream, set in the sixties at the height of the civil rights movement was about embracing our ‘blackness’ with all the nappy hair and melanin that comes with it.

Black Rose was a music themed film about a man who gets lost in a daydream in which his waitress is an alluring jazz singer with some dangerous admirers.

New Eyes was an endearing coming of age film about a teenager trying to find and define her identity through her interactions with her sisters and her friends.

Pregnant Pause is what happens when two people are on completely different pages when it comes to their expectations in a relationship. In the film, the protagonist gets a pregnancy scare and it forces her to have a difficult and possibly deal breaking conversation with her boyfriend on whether or not they want kids.

Resilience was a touching film about a man who saves his infected brother from execution in order to take him back to their childhood home which they abandoned after a deadly and contagious disease killed their parents.

The event started right on time, at 6.45 pm, so if you are planning to attend the next one, this coming August 31, be punctual or otherwise you’ll miss the first few awesome shorts being screened. The average run-time for the films are 10-15 minutes.

Grab your advance tickets below.

About the author

Lena Anyuolo

Lena is a former KenyaBuzz employee.


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