Whiskey Is Our Job

Whiskey Is Our Job

Rob Scannell Antony Owich Jameson Irish Whiskey Ambassadors

Originally from Cork, Ireland, Rob Scannell evidently knows his whiskey. With his dapper looks and affinity to whiskey, it is little wonder why he was chosen as the Irish Whiskies Brand Ambassador East Africa (EA). He has been doing it for three years and like aged whiskey, is only getting better.

Antony Owich is the Jameson Brand Ambassador EA and has been doing it for one and a half years. With the annual Jameson Connects concert coming up on 3rd December, I sat down with the guys to find out what they have in store for us this time around.

As you may have noticed, the concert’s name has morphed into Jameson Connects, no longer going by Jameson Live. Being curious, I asked Antony why they decided to change the name.

GALLERY: Jameson Live Party 2015 Featuring B.o.B

“We changed the name because we’re changing so many aspects of it. First of all, we’re changing the whole experience. It’s going to start at 3 P.M. and go all the way till late. On top of that, there are going to be so many different activities happening that haven’t been done in this market before like a barber shop, sneaker convention, thrifting, food trucks… so it’s a whole experience.” Rob added that “There will be whole new different drinks experience.”

DJ Drama, 2 Chainz, B.o.B. Who’s Next?
Most people always try guessing which big-name artist will headline the Jameson concert each year.  Even when you guess wrong, you still wonder, hmmm….why artiste X? I tried to ask the guys how they pick their headlining artiste but they clearly didn’t want to let the cat out of that bag. Being evasive as to how they do it each year, we will let their “rock, paper, scissors” answer slide.

How Many Irish Whiskies can you name?
Jameson is definitely the most famous Irish whiskey in the country. Most people can’t even name another Irish whiskey. Being the overall Irish Whiskey Brand Ambassador in East Africa, I wanted to know Rob’s take on why out of all the Irish Whiskeys available in the country, it is Jameson that so many Kenyans love.

Describing Jameson as “a perfect storm”, he said “People really resonate with the smooth flavor, and nice taste. The same time that Jameson the drink was starting to be picked up by regular consumers, Jameson as a brand had really started to interact with them. Rather than just saying, ‘okay, people are buying, let them keep buying’, we really started pushing for it.”

If you like doing different things each day, then being a Brand Ambassador is the job for you. Antony describes his job as “very diverse” and “you have to be ready to be on the move”. From doing reports to hosting a group of bartenders, both he and Rob do it all.

Here’s a shocker for you… Antony used to be a banker! He worked in the treasury department and funny enough, his colleagues alerted him about the opening at Jameson telling him he would be perfect for the job. I know what you’re all thinking: How? Why the move? I had the same thoughts too. But after talking to him, you clearly see why Banking may not have been his true calling after all.

Whiskey Is Our Job

The perfect cocktail
Feel free to steal this Irish Old Fashioned cocktail recipe, because according to Rob and his years of experience in mixology, it’s the ultimate Jameson cocktail for him: “Jameson Select Reserve, Bénédictine liqueur, orange bitters, lemon zest, orange zest and one cube of ice.”

As far as future plans go, Antony has plans of being a digital marketer while Rob has plans for being a brand manager with a retirement plan of opening up his own bar.

My verdict, I think they are perfect ambassadors. Not only do they have the looks, personality and charm… they just complement each other. I think they nail it as the ultimate tag team of Jameson ambassadors and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us at the upcoming Jameson Connects. With these two involved in the planning, it’s sure to be the kind of experience we’re all looking for.

And with a full team of seasoned experts behind them, let’s just be grateful that all the planning is not left to these two guys. Otherwise Rob would have us drinking in an old Fight Club kind of warehouse while Antony would throw a party on an airstrip.

Tinie Tempah is coming to town, I best see you there!

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