Uber Chap Chap: What You Need to Know About Uber’s Super-Cheap Service

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: February 16, 2018


If you’re like me and have happened to notice the sudden influx of white miniature Suzuki Alto’s on the roads, all with ‘KCP’ number plates and branded “Uber Chap Chap”, then you’re probably wondering “What’s up with that?”.

According to, Uber Chap Chap (“chap chap” is a sheng term that directly translates to “hurry, hurry”) is a new lower-cost service that uses a fleet of fuel-efficient budget sedans. It launched in Nairobi in February after a testing phase in late January.

Well, I recently managed to hop onto one and my friendly, chatty driver Ndegwa offered up insightful scoops during my cheap af ride.

  • Uber riders with high ratings, between 4-6 points, are the ones who permitted to drive the Suzuki Altos’s.
  • An agreement between Uber and Stanbic Bank gives the rider a security-free loan which is payable over three years.
  • The rider pays Ksh. 30,000 a month. After which, he/she will gain full ownership of the car.
  • The cars are straight out of the showroom and cost roughly Ksh 800,000. They are provided by CMC Motors Africa.
  • The “Uber Chap Chap’’ is for those who want convenience at a low cost, the base charge is as low as Ksh 130.

My experience? The cars are definitely small (leg room be damned). It has enough room for three in the back seat too, as long as you don’t mid trading momentary discomfort for a good price. Other than that, I didn’t mind it at all. If you’re wondering, I paid just 100 bob for my (roughly, 10 minutes) ride . So, there you have it; simple and easy.

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