Twitter Streets: Hot Trends Today- June 8

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: June 08, 2020  

Giraffe Manor Put on Blast Over ‘Discriminatory’ Policies Against Locals

Kenyans online are cancelling Giraffe Manor over what they term as “discriminatory policies” aimed at domestic tourists. The Karen-based, high-end establishment hit headlines during the weekend after PR guru Anyiko Owoko narrated her experience.

She posted a screenshot of another account on her Instagram which read in part, “Giraffe Manor, one of the most unique and iconic properties in the world are opening for Kenyan’s (sic) from June 1st”.

“My friend @smilesbeckwith [a travel consultant and owner of a travel company] tried to book a stay with you, last year between Sept and Oct, we called your establishment to inquire if we could stay a night – there was no space available because you were booked out, completely understandable”, said Anyiko, “But when we requested to come have breakfast and just see the giraffes we were slapped with an exorbitant rate [over 600 USD] which included a driver, chauffeur, airport transfer and a vehicle BUT when we requested to pay only for the breakfast and to see giraffes and not have to pay for the car and airport transfer because we are Kenyans and commuting from the city, your bookings department refused and said that we had to pay the full amount because it is your policy”.

Her sentiments were shared by a number of other people including Joy Kendi, a content creator who commented in part, “I tried as well with a company. We were also willing to pay the amount that was asked for as well except the extra details. We tried to explain we are from here and dont need the airport transfer, chauffeur and all. But it was a hard no”. Music producer Tedd Josiah said, “Kenyan’s if anyone sets up ANY establishment for the public then they should remember this nation belongs to a new generation that won’t be easily oppressed”.

A section also did not agree with Anyiko. Ad-man Patrick Karuga had this to say: “The cancel ‘Giraffe Manor’ thing on IG is stupid. Safari Collections said they were not open for visitors (they had closed) they did not mention anyone, they did not offer discounted prices. So what the f**k is this anger? Just ’cause your request for a discount was denied?”

Giraffe Manor was yet to respond to these allegations at the time of publishing this story.

Conor McGregor Retires From UFC

The mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter made the announcement on Sunday via Twitter. “Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting,” the tweet read. McGregor also thanked fans for “a ride it’s been!”. This is the third time he has made the retirement announcement. In 2006, he tweeted, “I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya’s later.” In March last year, he made the same announcement but still returned to fight Donald Cerrone mid-January.

Commemorating World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day. It is the United Nations campaign that advocates for the preservation of the ocean’s health. “This year World Oceans Day has a keen focus on 30×30 – the global drive to protect at least 30% of the land and ocean by the year 2030”, reads the WOD blog.

World Oceans’ celebration this year will take place as a virtual event produced in partnership with Oceanic Global. Focus will be on innovation explorations across categories including technology, systems infrastructure, resource management, consumer products, finance and scientific exploration, and the resources needed to transform them into long-lasting solutions.


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