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Posted: April 08, 2020

An Overly Hyped Never-Going-To-Happen Trevor Noah Appearance?

Social media has been abuzz this week after it was announced that a Kenyan DJ would host South African comedian Trevor Noah on Instagram Live. The appearance, which was expected to be yesterday (Tuesday), however did not happen. DJ Code Red Stylez claims that Telehmani, a renowned event organizer promised the “Daily Show” host’s appearance, further creating a poster to advertise the same on social media to gain an audience traction. Come Tuesday night, the DJ intimated to have been lied to when Teleh, who was the supposed “in-between” did not pick calls at the last minute. “Churchill Show”comedian MC Jesse ended up saving the night as the fake Trevor Noah. As much as it was funny, a section of netizens took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Telehmani has since admitted it was his “mistake” and apologized, but has not commented on whether the scheduled live with Noah was real.

#FreeTory Trends as Instagram Bans Quarantine Radio

Tory Lanez’s ‘Quarantine Radio’ has been banned from Instagram Live (at least for now). The rapper confirmed yesternight after the platform kicked him off two accounts, which live streamed the hit online twerking contest. “Instagram cut me off, my n***a. I made a whole brand new page n***as ain’t never heard of. The Quarantine Radio. I just got to a hundred thousand. Instagram shut me off. At this point, I don’t know what y’all want from me. I’m sorry”, Lanez posted, requesting fans to promote #FreeTory. Last week, he became the most watched person with over 300,000 live viewers on the platform.

Ellen’s Joke Gone Bad?

Ellen DeGeneres is facing backlash for comparing her self-isolation to being in prison. During her show yesterday, the TV host (while filming at home) said, “One thing I’ve learned from being in quarantine is… this is like being in jail, is what it is”. Fans intimated that her “being quarantined in a mansion was no comparison to jail”. Here are some of the reactions;

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