Trying to Get Pregnant? The ABCs of Fertility

Article by Mums Village
Posted: September 10, 2019  

If you are looking at this it means that you are hoping to conceive, good luck.

For conception to occur, a biologically healthy man must have sexual intercourse with a healthy woman at a favourable time of her cycle. Whether you get pregnant or not depends on whether you have sex during this favorable window which lasts between 5 and 7 days.

When is the right timing?

The average cycle lasts for 28 days. During this time a number of things happen; the woman produces an egg from one of the two ovaries, this is called ovulation. The egg travels into the uterus through the fallopian tube and sits there for a period of 24 hours. If during this period it doesn’t come into contact with a sperm the body expels it in the form of menstruation. 14 days after the start of the menstrual period, the body will start the ovulation process all over again.

A woman trying to get pregnant should thus have sex during ovulation which is the 14th day. Natural biological happenings are however just approximation and if you add of minus two days from this, it is safe to say that a woman is fertile between day 12 and 16 of her cycle.

Some women have a shorter cycle of 21 days and it means that you have your period every three weeks. Ovulation will start on day seven meaning your fertile period is between day 5 and day 9.

If you have a 32 day cycle, meaning it is 32 days between the first day of your period and the first day of your next period, ovulation will occur on the 18th day. You will thus be fertile between day 16 and 20 of your cycle.

Once you understand your cycle and that the sperm can last in a woman’s body for at least 48 hours, then you will be able to plan for the right time to have sex.

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