Top Online Car Shopping Sites in Kenya

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Posted: September 23, 2021  

Cars were once viewed as  luxury possessions by many but with a burgeoning Kenyan middle class and improved lifestyles, private vehicle have quickly become a need. To satisfy these needs, online car bazaars have come up with a variety of solutions and a vast array of cars. Now, instead of just walking to a car bazaar not knowing what you want or which car meets your budget and requirements, you can quickly access these details with a tap of a phone.

Of course the least expensive way to get a car in Kenya is to import a used one.  But if you want to buy a car already in the country, here are top online shopping sites for both used and brand new cars.

Best Cars for Sale in Kenya -Ruiru

Rather than buy a car that’s been sitting in a sales yard, why not import a new car straight from Japan or the UK? Best Cars for Sale in Kenya are experts in personalized car importation.

Importing your car saves you up to 20% of purchase costs. Since the car comes directly to you from Japan or the UK, its price is free of local showroom and storage charges.

And the best part is that you can source the car you want, down to the last specifications and with undistorted mileage. You no longer have to compromise on details!

Best cars for Sale in Kenya will take care of the entire registration and importation process for you.

For more, please contact the dealer here.

Cheki Nairobi Kenya

It is arguably the top  car website in East Africa. It is in several different countries in Africa. Giving options for selling, buying, importing, insurance and car loans.

It connects car buyers and car sellers building a trustworthy community for both used and new cars.

It provides variety of sevices than other online car shopping sites. There are taxis, car hire, servicing for your vehicle and where to get the spare parts for your car.

Toyotsu Auto Mart

Majority of the cars in the site are Japanese, which is the norm in Kenya. The unique thing about this cars, is that they work with a payment plan similar to car dealership like DT Dobie, RMA etc.


Excia East Africa Limited is a Kenyan Automobile Information and Service company based in Nairobi, Kenya, via They mainly deal in Japanese used cars with a branch in Japan.


Kenya Car Bazaar is a portal for car buying, selling, importation, clearing & forwarding, financing, insurance, car hire, car dealers, and K.R.A. automotive document processing. It had 11,683 page views last week on facebook.

The Company was formed in June 2005 with its flagship product – The Buy and Sell Media Company’s has 8 web sites covering several product verticals: automotive, real estate, general merchandise, employment, entertainment, coupons, group buying, dating and business.


It is an online shopping site that covers a variety of products from electronics, cars, home and living, property for rent, community etc. One of their major products sold on the site are cars.

Both car sellers and those who want to sell their own vehicles are here.



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