Timeless Love: Who is Regina’s Daughter?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: May 13, 2021  

Regina has finally made progress with the search for her daughter after 24 years. It was an endless search that eventually bore fruit, but will she find her real daughter?

Josefina is the woman who kidnapped Regina’s daughter and raised her together with her own daughter. She recently reached out to Regina and told her that one of her daughters, Renata or Roberta is her daughter. Her plan is to steal the trust fund left for Regina’s daughter that will mature on her 25th birthday. She, therefore, conspired with Roberta, her real daughter to make it seem like she is Regina’s daughter instead of Renata.

To fool Regina, Roberta stole Renata’s toothbrush and hairbrush to present as her own. Regina will use the items to verify paternity through a DNA test to find out who is her daughter is between Renata and Roberta.

Roberta has fallen out with Josefina after finding out that she was the one who killed Rafael. She, therefore, sees this as her chance to get away from her Josefina and does not intend to reveal the truth. Will Regina be able to find out the identity of her real daughter?

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