Timeless Love: Who Killed Rafael?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: March 18, 2021  

Jeronimo continues on his search for his brother’s killer on Timeless Love, after finding out that Renata is not La Bonita. He carried out an autopsy on Rafael’s body, which concluded that Rafael was killed and did not commit suicide, as was previously believed. Jeronimo therefore pressed charges against Augustine and Roberta, the only two people with a motive to kill Rafael. Doctor Alvaro was also arrested for failing to carry out an autopsy before to determine the cause of Rafael’s death.

After Roberta was arrested, she eventually came clean and admitted that she was La Bonita, Rafael’s girlfriend. She however denied having killed Rafael because he was the man she loved. She was able to prove her innocence by providing proof that she was in the city the day Rafael died and not at his Ranch.

Jeronimo accused Augustine of killing Rafael because he wanted to buy Rafael’s ranch. Augustine claimed he had no reason to do so because Rafael had already sold him the crop from his ranch. With little evidence against Augustine, he was also released from prison.

With both Roberta and Augustine innocent, the search for Rafael’s killer will not be easy because there are no more leads as to who might have the motives to kill him. Will Jeronimo be able to find his brother’s killer?

You can follow Timeless Love on NTV Kenya weekdays at 6:00 pm to find out how the plot unfolds.

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