Timeless Love: Matias’s Tragic Love Life

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: April 22, 2021  

Matias’s love life has been a tragic encounter after another since the beginning of the show. He returned from Spain ready to win over the heart of Renata, and was able to do it but only for a short while. Renata soon met Jeronimo and their iconic love story was born, ending her romance with Matias. This was a difficult time for Matias, who felt betrayed by both Renata and his friend Jeronimo.

Meanwhile, Roberta took advantage of his disgruntled feelings and tricked Matias into marrying her. She asked Matias to help her conceal a scandal after her pregnancy and he willingly agreed to marry her. It is only recently that he found out Roberta had miscarried the child before the wedding and he was tricked into a ten year commitment to her.

Since Roberta did not agree to annul her marriage with Matias, he went ahead to pursue a relationship with Adriana, whom he had come to love. Unfortunately, this also did not last long because Adriana found herself charmed by another young man named Chema. Matias decided to give their relationship a break until Adriana was able to sort out her feelings.

Not all is lost though, as Matias seems to have found comfort in a new conquest, Julieta. The two met after Julieta’s sister caused an accident that involved Adriana. They got to know each other as they worked out the details of the accident and something special seems to be happening between them.

Will Matias finally be able to find love? You can follow Timeless Love on NTV Kenya, weekdays at 6:00 pm for more.

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