Throwback Thursday: Jennifer Lopez

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Posted: September 07, 2017  

There was a point in time that this gorgeous lady rocked the waves. She came from being Janet Jackson’s back-up dancer to a successful solo artist who was able to do big time collaborations with major artists like Ja Rule, LL Cool J and P.Diddy (what really happened to these guys though?).

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Let’s admit it, J-LO is one saucy female, she has successfully proved that age isn’t a hindrance to looking like an Ajuma Limited model. We only hope to look half as good as she does when we’re clocking the big 50. She has also managed to make a career for herself in acting and we have spotted her as the main star of movies like “Enough” and “The Boy Next Door”.

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Enough of the nitty-gritties, let’s enjoy the rest of our Thursday listening to some good old J-LO tunes:

1. All I have featuring LL COOL J

Goodness, isn’t this the ultimate “girlfriend’s feeling unappreciated” theme song? The lyrics to the song can relate to any girl who’s feeling like their man just isn’t treating them like they used to, and this happens to almost all girl’s and is probably the reason it really hit!

2. Don’t Cost a Thing featuring P.Diddy

Is it me or dint J-LO used to sing a whole lot of these “girlfriend being neglected” true stories? Turn that volume nob higher if the lyrics to this specific one are speaking to your soul.

3. Jenny from the Block

This jam was making it crystal clear to the haters to lay off her grind and specifying that she still remembers and appreciates her roots- halla back girl!

4. Waiting For Tonight

Ready for an all girl’s night out and you’re searching for a song that will set in the mood just right as you do your make-up? Well look no further, add this one straight to your playlist and thank me later.

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