The Double Life of Estela Carillo Delivers a Cliff Hanging Finale!

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: February 22, 2018

The double life of Estela Carillo came to an end during the weekend and the show delivered a finale that few of us expecting.

The last couple of episodes put Estela’s story into perspective and things were just starting to get interesting when the Novela ended. Among the most interesting revelations was that Estela is El Dorado and she has been spinning the web under the guise of the very name. It was also revealed that she was the one who killed Pedro Carillo; the crime that Ryan had been convicted for. The most shocking however was that Estela was Mercy’s missing daughter meaning that she is Ryan’s sister! It was cruel for Pedro to send her after her own brother but it is more interesting to see that Estela continued to pursue Ryan even after learning about it. Fortunately, the truth was kept from Ryan and Laura did not reveal it to him.

Morgana also surprised us by shooting Danilo for constantly lying to her and taking advantage of her love for him only to get stabbed in the back. Danilo suffered her wrath but he had the foresight to wear a bullet proof vest, hence surviving Morgana’s onslaught.

After a one-year time jump, we saw Ryan and Laura happily together with their son and the revival of Furia productions to Regia productions. Morgana also married El Sagrado; the man that Danilo sold her to. More surprises were in store for us as we saw Joe join Estela in Brazil. Danilo was on their trail and Estela sensed his presence although she did not see him.

Estela won an award for her music but just when she was on stage delivering her speech, she saw something and looked toward it. Ryan saw the same thing and looked as well and then the closing credits came up!

There is no telling what happened next but Televisa announced that the Novela will have a second season and we will get to know how the story continues.

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