The Best of Ana Brenda Contreras: Chemistry with Co-stars

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Posted: February 21, 2020

Laws of Love star Ana Brenda Contreras has risen among the ranks of elite Mexican actresses with a substantial number of Telenovelas credited to her name. In each show, the actress has been paired with equally talented co-stars hence we want to know which one among them you think has the best onscreen chemistry with Ana Brenda Contreras;

  1. Daniel Arenas in Corazon Indomable (Wild at heart)

In this telenoleva, Ana Brenda Contreras gives life to the character of Maricruz. She is a humble girl who lives in seclusion until she meets Octavio (Daniel Arenas). Octavio falls for her simple beauty but he abandons her to pursue his dreams, changing Maricruz’s innocent nature into one full of scorn and vengeance.

  1. Jorge Salinas in Lo que no podia amar (The one who couldn’t love)

Ana Brenda plays the role of Ana Paula, a nurse who is hired to take care of her crippled boss, Rogelio (Jorge Salinas). She goes to live at his hacienda and is surprised to find that Rogelio is a resentful and bitter man. Her caring nature however serves to thaw his cold heart.

  1. Ivan Sanchez on Lo Imperdonable (Unforgivable)

Ana Brenda is Veronica in Lo Imperdoble. Veronica gets married to Martin (Ivan Sanchez) after a short courtship. Martin takes her to live with him at Mina Escondida. He mistakes Veronica as the woman who made his brother to commit suicide and plans to avenge him by causing her pain. His plan however takes a different turn when he ends up falling in love with Veronica!

Which of these leading actors do you think had the best chemistry with Ana Brenda Contreras? You can vote on the pole below…

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