Suzanne Gachukia The Zannaziki All Stars Album

Suzanne Gachukia The Zannaziki All Stars Album

suzzanne Gachukia new album
Sub Sahara Enterainment’s Suzanne Gachukia, face of Zannaziki band is poised to drop her first album in nine years – The Zannaziki All Stars.

The retrospective compilation features 28 renowned artistes including Wyre, Hellen Mtawali, Liz Njoroge, Nyota Ndogo, Ulopa and Kayamba Africa among others, performing their renditions of some of the songs Suzzane has composed over the past 30 years of her music career.

The Zannaziki All Stars features 28 songs in two volumes. Director Kevin ‘Bosco’ has directed the first single “Kondo Gakwa” performed by Wyre and Suzanne.

Look out for this and other offerings from Suzanne Gachukia and the Zannaziki ALL STARS coming your way shortly.

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