Spider-man Far From Home Movie Preview: Is Spidey The Next Iron Man?

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Posted: June 27, 2019

Fans of Marvel will be thrilled to see a return to the cinematic universe following the release of the 23rd movie of the franchise. Spider-man: Far From Home is set immediately after the events of Avengers:Endgame.

The existence of the movie itself is a spoiler in its own right. As clearly, the events that Thanos caused in Avengers:Infinity War will be undone.

Following the outcome of Endgame, the remaining Avengers have to pick up their lives where they resumed in Endgame. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is going on a school trip to Europe. Here he hopes to pursue something with MJ (Zendaya) who seems to also be infatuated with him.

While on holiday, Nick Fury (Sam L Jackson) shows up, along with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and reminds Spider-man that he needs to get to work. Threats beyond what they could have possibly imagined have infiltrated the planet because of Thanos’ snap and Spidey needs to don his suit and save the world. Again.

The movie promises to pay a moving tribute to Iron Man with Peter wearing his glasses, a new Iron Man-ish exo-suit, lots of Iron Man graffiti and what appear to be vigils of the hero all over Europe.

Peter also says, “The world needs the next Iron Man.”

To which Fury appears to respond, “Are you going to step up or not?”

Far From Home will introduce a Multiverse which fans have speculated will usher in the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters that Disney will inherit from Fox following their merger.

The movie premieres on July 3rd. Buy your advance tickets here.


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