Njaanuary: 9 of the Funniest Kenyan Tweets

Article by Anthony Mbugua
Posted: January 15, 2019  

It’s true. I can confirm that most of us are waiting for the end month cheques. Why do we always forget that our December salaries are supposed to see us through 90 days of January? Argh. But Kenyans are getting better at managing their finances each year evident by the fact that being broke hasn’t been a much-spoken about topic on social media. However, if you are struggling and you want to form a ‘Njaanuary Sufferers Anonymous’ group, these tweets will help break the ice.

The phrase ‘Njaanuary’ combines ‘Njaa’ which in Swahili is hunger, and January to show how ‘starved’ most people usually are during the first month of the year. We shall power through nonetheless. Social media gives us a platform to talk about many things and we all know how misery loves company.

I walked on the streets of Twitter and found funny enough tweets to take the troubles away. We’ll be half-way through the month by the end of the week so there’s hope. Brace yourself for these few tough weeks.


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