Medicos: Will Rafael Lose his Job at the Institute?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 07, 2021  

Rafael’s day of reckoning finally arrives as he faces possible dismissal from the Institute of Medicine. Although a talented doctor, he has been using control drugs to fight fatigue and eventually developed an addiction. He was able to continue working without incident but he was not lucky for long. While working at the outpatient department, Rafael made a mistake by administering a drug that a patient was allergic to. He had to rush him to the emergency department and Cynthia helped him revive the patient.

Marco, a resident who is aware of Rafael’s drug problem tried to use this as way to get ahead. He asked Rafael to get him into surgery but Rafael would not fall prey to Marco’s blackmail. Marco therefore reported the incident to Renee, one of the hospital’s directors, hoping to get Rafael fired.

Tania, who is also aware of Rafael’s drug problem tried to talk to him about getting help but would not listen to her. She therefore went to Cynthia, Rafael’s conquest and the only person he listens to. After a talk with Cynthia, Rafael admitted that he has a problem and asked for her help.

The following morning, Rafael reported to the director’s office to speak with Gonzalo. He confessed to Gonzalo about his drug addiction and the incident with the patient. He also agreed that he should not be working in his current condition but asked Gonzalo not to fire him. Gonzalo was furious and made the decision that Rafael would not be allowed to continue working at the institute until he was clean.

Will Rafael recover and retain his position at the Institute of Medical Specialties? You can follow Medicos on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 8:00 pm

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