Medicos Finale: Order Returns in the Medical Institute

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: March 11, 2021  

Medicos came to a fitting end with Gonzalo’s reinstatement as director, returning a much-needed sense of order in the medical institute. He had been fired after he was accused of misusing the hospital’s resources, a plot orchestrated by Renee to bring him down. Regina was also implicated as an accomplice.

To prove the innocence of Gonzalo and Regina, David investigated Renee’s malpractices with Ana’s help. He was able to find out the illegal transactions that Renee carried out to make money from the institute. Mireya also testified against Renee, revealing everything he had done to sabotage Gonzalo. With this evidence, the Dela Vega lawyers were able to prove Gonzalo’s innocence. On the other hand, Renee was charged with fraud and ended up in prison.

With Renee gone, Gonzalo returned as head of the institute. Regina and David were able to sort out their issues and get back together. It was also a happy ending for other couples; Rafael and Cynthia as well as Daniel and Tania.

The finale’s most intriguing ending however was the scene with a woman in the hospital, implying that Alejandra from Laws of Love might still be alive!  What did you make of Medicos finale?

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