Maraz and Mullah Fashion Expo- Fab or Drab

The Maraz and Mullah Fashion Expo whichtook place at the luxurious Four Point by Sheraton in Hurlingham over the past weekend was a perfect showcase of Muslim fashion and trends. This was exactly the kind of unique offering that displays the vibrancy and diversity of the Kenyan fashion scene. 

The runway show was an ideal demonstration that elegance can still be at its best when fully covered up. The pieces showcased were of a wide array of beautiful colors. 

Here’s a list of the fab and drab moments from the show:

1.The Attendees
The crowd that was in attendance was of the fab majority. Their make-up was well done and their fashion sense was good. They would also actively engage with the MC and a few even went on stage to strut on the runway- where they showed a high level of confidence.
They also cheered on the models as they did what they do best on the runway. A massive applause was given to the two female event organizers at the close of the event in appreciation of their efforts.

2.The Models
The female models gave the male ones a run for their money. The beautiful ladies owned the designs they wore as they strutted the runway. What's more, they exuded a lot of confidence and fierceness as they walked on the runway and this captured the attention of the guests.

3. Ashok Sani Tailored
The fashion line that comprised well-fit designs for men, mostly suits was the highlight of the event. One of the models had a chic pink suit proving that men can also look good in pink.

4. David
David, a well-known comedian, knew just how to keep the crowd entertained with his constant flow of jokes and exaggerated movement when called on stage. It was a good welcoming to the last showcase before the close of the event.

1. Food 
The selection of snacks was limited in the sense that the VIP got some queen cakes and sausages. The drinks offered were sodas- no juice and the regular got water alone. An arrangement to have a waiter inside the fashion show would have been efficient to ensure that the attendees who did not get a VIP ticket could still order food at a subsidized price.

2. Male models
The male models needed a little bit more training on how to strut a runway. Some had a very casual walk while others would even bounce- the organizers should ensure that for a fashion show the models should be appropriately trained.

3.The Bouncer
The bouncer, who happened to be a lady was rather confused. She was easily distracted and did not appropriately direct the  media to their allocated seats.


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