Love and Hip Hop Hollywood in Review- Baby Mama’s and New Boo’s

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood in Review- Baby Mama’s and New Boo’s

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The fourth season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood came back with an interesting twist of events. The drama only seems to get more and more intense as the seasons progress and we simply are not complaining because hey, it’s good to know that you lead a pretty sane and normal life when compared to this bunch.

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Moniece took a little dip in the lady’s pool (yes, we are all shocked about this), Teiarra found herself a new man but came back with her same old problem, a broken friendship between two cast sees them break into a disastrous fight that sends wigs flying and glasses broken. Zell, with all his shade, channels his bullying towards a new cast and Solo Lucci’s baby mama goes bizarre with her new man’s girlfriend.

Photo Source: VH1.com
Despite the fact that the series is a pure source of entertainment that will leave your jaw dropped and your ribs cracked, what does it really communicate to the world about the black community- particularly well-off rappers and black women? We see a lot of instances of the men cheating on their women when the cash flow becomes steadily high and we also see the black women consciously going the extra mile to break marriages to get those extra coins.
The main point of concern is how the women always resolve their issues amidst fists and kicks. There are definitely many ways to keep the audience entertained without necessarily having to tarnish their images but hey, that’s just me.





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