Laws of Love Wraps Up with an Action Packed Finale

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 01, 2020  

It was an action packed finale for Laws of Love as the lawyers from the Vega Law firm finally caught Ciego. He was the thug responsible for the attacks at the law firm, which resulted in the deaths of Gustavo’s family and Alejandra.

On the last attack, Ciego went to the firm to kill Alonso but all the lawyers were out on errands. He ended up killing the security guards and seriously wounding Manuel, an intern at the firm. Alonso and his team finally had enough and helped the police catch Ciego. Ciego hired Carlos to defend him who was eager to go against Alonso and hide his involvement with Ciego. He hired Benjamin as assistance council right after Alonso’s firm helped him get released from prison.

On love matters, things ended well for most of the characters. Ricardo was able to get over the grief of losing Alejandra by starting a new relationship with Sofia. Meanwhile, Roberto and Victoria seemed like they would eventually get over their misunderstanding and finally get together.

Overall, the telenovela had an open ending, as we did not see most of the conflicts resolved. Juan was not able to sort out issues with his mother, so did Roberto. Elena and Ricardo’s children came back from the US because they were having problems. Alan also decided to make a deal with the prosecutor to implicate Carlos. The last scene was the beginning of Ciego’s trial as Alonso and his team demanded to get justice. All these events portend a continuation of the novela, hopefully sometime in the future. We will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on Laws of Love Finale?


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