I’ve Known You All My Life: Vera finds out Fausto killed Antonia!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 07, 2022  

Vera now knows that her own father, Fausto, is the one who killed her dear mother, Antonia. Fausto shot Antonia and made it look seem like Olmo did it. He wanted Vera to help him in his revenge plans against Olmo but when she refused, he killed her mother in order to give her a reason to help him.

Vera therefore agreed to Fausto’s plans and that is how she ended up marrying Olmo. She received stocks as his wife and Fausto later used them to kick Olmo out of his own company.

When Pedro eventually found out why Vera married Olmo, he decided to find out what really happened to Antonia. He saw a photo of a young man and immediately recognized him as Eddy. When he returned to Mexico, he was able to convince Eddy to tell him what he saw on the day that Antonia died. Eddy said that he saw Fausto kill Antonia. Pedro told Vera and she hurriedly got her son from Fausto. With the help of their friends, Pedro and Vera are now looking for a way to get Fausto arrested.

When Fausto found out that Eddy had seen him kill Antonia and had told everyone, he ordered to have his own grandson killed. How will things end for Fausto?

Keep following “I’ve Known You All My Life” on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:00 pm to find out.

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