I’ve Known You All My Life: Pedro Leaves Marina!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 23, 2021  

Pedro has finally left Marina, an act that comes as a surprise to everyone at the Cacers mansion. Pedro had to marry Marina after she threatened to kill herself and has lived many unhappy years of marriage out of obligation and gratitude towards the Caceres family for taking him in. The marriage got worse after Pedro met Vera and realized that he did not love Marina. He was set on divorcing her but he couldn’t do it after her father, Olmo threatened him.

Apart from the lack of love, they also don’t get along because they have not been able to become parents. Marina has not been able to conceive after suffering from two miscarriages. They therefore decided to adopt a child but the interview with the adoption agency did not go well. Gaston suggested that they try surrogacy but Pedro thought it was better to wait for Marina to recover after she was diagnosed as bipolar.

Ever growing desperate, Marina eventually decided to adopt a child from a young woman whom she recently met/. The student wants to give up her baby for adoption and readily agreed to let Marina have it. Pedro did not agree because Marina was not well and she decided to kick him out of the house. Pedro willingly left, surprising Marina who heavily depends on him. Olmo spoke to Pedro and demanded that he return home to his wife.

Will Pedro return home or take the chance to free himself from Marina? Follow the show on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

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