I’ve Known You All My Life Finale: Olmo and Fausto Die, A Happy Ending for the Caceres

Article by Flora
Posted: January 18, 2022  

It was an action packed finale for “I’ve Known You All My Life” as Pedro and Vera teamed up to catch Olmo and Fausto. Their fathers were once enemies but betrayed each other leading to a cycle of tragedy and vengeance.

Fausto was furious at Vera for turning against him but she was determined to get him arrested after finding out he was the one who killed Antonia. Fausto kidnapped Vera and tried to make her hang herself but Pedro arrived in time to save her.

Fausto escaped and went to get Marina, Olmo’s daughter. He was desperate to get back at Olmo so he held her hostage at Olmo’s mansion and threatened to kill her in front of her father. Olmo was quick to act and managed to push Marina out of the way. He ended up taking the bullet intended for Marina and died. Fausto was also shot by Ivana and died as well.

With Fausto and Olmo both gone, everyone was able to live their lives peacefully. Gaston got back together with Laiza, while Melida decided to let Gaston go. They however agreed raised their son together. Ivana went to prison for her crimes and was able to rebuild her relationship with her daughter, Fabiana.

The show ended on a happy note as we saw Marina get pregnant and build happy relationship with a man who loved her. Meanwhile, Pedro and Vera got married and built a happy family with their son, Nico.

What are your thoughts on “I’ve Known You All My Life” finale?

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