Is TikTok the Social Media Platform of the Future?

Article by Ann Kibatha
Posted: October 22, 2019  

Tik Tok is considered the app for millennials and Gen Zers, but it really is for anyone who wants to flex their creative muscles.

The first version of the app to be developed was Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of Tik Tok for China in September 2016 by ByteDance. The international version was launched in September 2017, by the same company for markets outside China.

The app is not available in China, but is available all over the world.

The social media video platform is used to create and share short videos which could comprise of comedy, lip-syncing, talent videos and anything creative. The short music and lip sync videos are created with a 3 to 15 second timeline, while the short looping videos are created with a 3 to 60 second time limit.

Tik Tok merged with popular social media platform, on 9 November 2017 in a billion dollar purchase, which had already been used to target the US teenage market.

In 2018, the app had gained so much popularity and was the most downloaded app in the United States, where it was downloaded roughly 80 million times. Worldwide, it was downloaded 800 million times, according to the data acquired from mobile research firm Sensor Tower, which excluded China’s android users.

Social media platforms such as these have allowed more and more users to propel and further their impact in the digital world. As at October 2019, Loren Gray Beech holds the crown with 34 million followers. She is flanked by Baby Ariel who has 29.8 million followers and Kristen Hancher takes third position with 23 million followers.

Tik Tok is so powerful that it controls how impactful a song can be or should be because various songs are played, lip synced to or danced to, affects the popularity of the song. Songs such as Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road (remix) created a frenzy with everybody gearing up to take on the challenge. The excessive exposure to the song and short videos allowed it to become number 1 on Billboard.

The app is not just a creator’s zone, it is a way for brands to reach their potential market by using famous users to push their product. It is also a way for people to share memes and it has the feature of slow motion, to make unique videos.


Are you going to try it out?


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