Illustrious! Salim Busuru

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: August 09, 2019  

Salim Busuru is a co-founder, creative director & illustrator at Avandu Studio.  The studio produces Afro-centric comics, illustrations and animations. He is a self-taught artist whose interest in art was sparked by avid comic book reading and watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid.

Salim’s skillset is diverse. Ranging from comic book illustration, video game creator and animator. His portfolio is quite popular on Artstation- a showcase platform for games, film, media and entertainment artists.

How would he describe his creative process when it comes to illustrations? ‘’I’d describe it as a journey through history, combined with my hope for the future as I reference the present.  I say that because I borrow heavily from our culture through books and other historical material I find in bookshops and the museum. I look at it for inspiration and try to incorporate more modern elements into my sketches while still maintain the cultural aspects of the design.’’ He says.

Salim’s work comes alive using a Wacom tablet and a good old-fashioned sketch book. 


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