How To Save Transport Money In Nairobi

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Posted: December 03, 2019

The year is almost over, we are now at that point in time where we take stock of the year that has been and then rest our clocks ahead of the new year. Remember at the beginning of this year when you set your resolutions how much of that have you been able to achieve? Have you been able to save? Have you learnt how to in the first place?

Well, we know saving can be an uphill task so we cut out a way in which you can squeeze a few extra coins from your transport money and add them to that piggy bank of yours.


This may sound ridiculous, well at face value it is, but once you understand how then maybe it will not be; we are not advocating for you to walk across the city to your office, no, but once an opportunity to walk presents itself with open arms. For instance, no need to hitch a boda boda from the stage to your place. Just walk. Not only do you save but you also get to burn a few calories while at it and that is a good thing. Maybe even the best of things.

Car Pool

Fare can be very expensive, a single person can use an average of Ksh.400 to commute across the city in a day whereas a single motorist could use Ksh800 in fuel to commute from his residence to town for instance. Lets do the math, say four motorists from the same area of residence commute via public means then they would use Ksh.160; this is twice as much as they would have used had they car pooled to town. Although car pooling comes at its own disadvantages and inconveniences for the parties involved, when done effectively it is a sure way of saving money.


With the coming of tech, carpooling has been brought closer to us through apps that have in recent times gained popularity as they are able to bring together people going to common destinations over larger geographical areas, they are a great way of saving money as they are generally cheaper than the average matatu and other contemporary ways of commuting that we are accustomed to.

Make use of cab discounts

From time to time cabs and shuttle services offer discounts and similar incentives for their loyal customers, making use of these discount coupons for your fare is a great way of saving on fare. Nearly every week, these transport services offer discount services should you be keen on them then you would not miss them as soon as they are floated.

That being said, take all the saved coins straight to your piggy bank, not to your favorite local.

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