HOT: Stacey Pendo

HOT: Stacey Pendo


Popular former socialite Pendo is now a TV personality. Known as the star of Nairobi Diaries, the reality series that airs on K24, Pendo’s fame has risen far beyond than we ever imagined.

Some have even gone ahead and likened her to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joséline Hernandez. And why not? They’re both proud and go for what they want. They’re both drama queens and are also up and coming artists. We’re just yet to know who her Stevie J is.

Pendo is also a musician as well as a reality TV personality. And from her antics on the show, I’m sure an actual acting gig is right up the corner.

Series Spotted In: Nairobi Diaries
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Mingling with friends, Outdoor activities
KenyaBuzz Verdict: Pendo’s a total diva!

In the meantime, check out her song, ‘Sometimes’ below:

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