HOT: Serah Molly

HOT: Serah Molly


Molly, alias Serah Molly Tianna is known as one of the former cast mates from reality show, ‘Nairobi Diaries’. She’s the chic who was letting us know how to spot a good hair weave, when the one she had on was nothing of the sort.

Molly showing us how to spot a good weave when hers isn't.

But you just gotta love this girl. She’s got an accent (acquired, obviously), a nice body and a hellova great personality. Despite the little (okay, major) dramas that she’s involved in here & there in the show, Molly’s a pretty cool, chilled out person.

Well, aside from the fact that she was kicked off the show from season 2 and keeps making appearances here and there with buddy Pendo. She’ll obviously justify that it was her own decision to leave the show; but really, we all know her story line wasn’t kicking, so out the door, the producers told her.

She’s curently beefing with former BFF Judy, who’s a regular on season 3, AFTER the fact that Molly introduced her to the show. (Ouch). And didn't they apparently have a handbag-line they were meant to launch? Well, we're still waiting.

In as much as we don’t yet know what she does to earn a living, Molly is simply a really cool typa ‘let’s chill, have fun’  chic.

Hobbies: Partying, creating business ideas, beefing with other girls, swimming, passing fingers through weaves

Series Featured In: Nairobi Diaries

KenyaBuzz Verdict: You’re totally cool Molly!

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