Good News From Around the World

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: May 26, 2020  

The future may be uncertain making everything seem depressing, but there are good stories and news from around the world to restore your hope in humanity.

Canadian Government houses homeless people

This week the British Columbian government bought Comfort Inn Hotel in Victoria for $18.5 million to provide housing for more than 200 homeless Canadians. The province is also rehiring hotel workers who were laid off so that they can provide support to the homeless people in the hotel. This is the second establishment the government has purchased as an initiative to provide affordable housing for homeless people, seniors and low-income families among others.

Dad drives over 1,000 miles to celebrate daughter’s birthday

53-year-old dad, Julio Segura drove over 1,000 miles and 17 hours from El Paso to Austin and back on the same day so that he could spend his daughter Lerma’s 19th birthday with her. Julio called Lerma to ask her what she wanted for her birthday lunch, only for her to open the door and find him with a big birthday sign and her lunch order. They enjoyed lunch, a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A, for 30 minutes before Julio had to drive back.

Woman feeds neglected elephants

Elephants in Asia have been left starving after tourism dropped due to Coronavirus. Elephants feed for 20 hours a day and it is very expensive to feed them especially when they are not bringing in income. Carol Buckley and her organization, Elephant Aid International, have been working with Nepali farmers to provide food for the elephants. The farmers no longer had people to harvest produce because of the Covid-19 lockdown but Buckley mobilized some willing workers to harvest for farmers willing to sell their produce and deliver the food to the hungry elephants. Carol also advocates for better treatment of elephants in captivity by working with elephant owners, government officials and elephant welfare groups.

IKEA blanket forts

Looking for activities to do with the young ones during lockdown? IKEA recently released 6 different instructions to build 6 different types of blanket forts. The Swedish company released the designs alongside pictures and instructions on their website and they range from simple structures like House and Camping Tent to more advanced ones like the Castle and the Fortress. No one is ever too old for a blanket fort, see the designs here.

Penguins day out

The Covid-19 lockdown has also affected penguins… but in a good way. Since there are no visitors, penguins from the Chicago Aquarium were allowed to roam freely and interact with other animals and it seems the trend has moved to other aquariums around the US. Recently, penguins from Kansas City Zoo were taken on a field trip to Nelson-Atkin’s Museum of Art to enjoy a much-needed cultural trip. The birds were allowed to freely roam the museum and enjoy a variety of art from different artist and it was noted they preferred certain pieces of art to others.

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