Forever My Love: Bianca and Gabriel are Working Together

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 12, 2022  

Bianca and Gabriel are now working together as Tiger Shark’s endorsers! Carlos hoped Bianca would be able to help the brand as the only endorser but things did not improve. His father, Roman, therefore wanted to close down the company or fire Bianca. Carlos was left with little choice because he did not want either to happen.

Isabel pitched the idea of hiring Gabriel as the brand’s new endorser to Roman. Gabriel had become popular online after participating in his first triathlon and they wanted to capitalize on this. He was delighted with the offer to work for Tiger Shark but he turned it down after finding out he would be Bianca’s replacement. He did not want to be the reason why she was left without a job.

Roman therefore offered Gabriel another deal. He proposed to pair Gabriel and Bianca together as endorsers for his company. Gabriel and Bianca were happy with the arrangement since but Carlos did not take it well. He however had no option but to agree in order to help Bianca keep her job. With Bianca and Gabriel working together, the chance for Carlos to win Bianca’s love continue to dwindle. Will Carlos be able to come between Bianca and Gabriel?

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