Foodie Friday: Pizza Edition

Foodie Friday: Pizza Edition

Photo Source: https://www.cicis.com/menu/pizza

The long-awaited weekend is finally upon us and I'm pretty sure you are looking forward to the various shenanigans you and your squad have mapped out. This week has been quite a long one and what better way to treat yourself than with a large juicy pizza?  Wondering where to grab one of these delicious bad boys? Here area list ofsome places to try:

1. Pizza Inn

This is for pizza lovers fanswho love a thick crust. Pizza Inn has a wide range to choose from but you most definitely want to try the "Chicken Bacon BBQ", and if you also happen to be a meat lover then you can top up some extras- like the bacon, chicken and cheese- for a minimum price and get a large scrumptious pizza for Ksh.1,300. What's more, they also offer delivery. The fast food restaurant has multiple locations in the CBD, Ngong road, Junction mall, and Garden City, just to name a few: https://www.kenyabuzz.com/biz-directory/pizza-inn-oil-libya-belle-vue

2. Debonairs

Photo Source: http://movingtactics.co.za/client/debonairs-pizza/
If you're the type who enjoys a nice, thin crust when ordering your pizza then this is the place for you. Foodies will live for their buy one get one free deal that happens every Friday. If you're a meat lover, then you should take a shot at the "Something Meaty" flavor. The fast food restaurant has multiple locations like in Westlands and along Ngong road just to name a few: https://www.kenyabuzz.com/biz-directory/debonairs-pizza-city-centre

3. Mambo Italia

As the name suggests, it is an all Italian restaurant and you can bet you'll get the best deal when you order a pizza. If you're a chili lover then try out the "Angry Buffalo" flavor which also has some chicken in it- for those who like some white meat in their pizza. The restaurant has a branch in Lavington and another in Garden city: https://www.kenyabuzz.com/biz-directory/mambo-italia-lavington

4. 360 Degrees Pizza
If you have a liking for fine dining and exquisite ambience, then look no further, head on over to ABC place and choose from this restaurant's vast variety of pizza's. They have a good variety for vegetarians, the Marinara flavor is worth your while: https://www.kenyabuzz.com/biz-directory/360-degrees-artisan-pizza
Enjoy your weekend!




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