First Look at NTV’s New Telenovela “The Three Sides of Ana”

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 12, 2019  

The Three Sides of Ana (Tres Veces Ana) is a Televisa production from 2016. The Novela stars Angelique Boyer in a triple role, playing sisters Ana Lucia, Ana Laura and Ana Leticia. Sebastian Rulli and David Zepeda star as the leading male cast as Santiago and Ramiro respectively.

The three sides of Ana follows the story of three sisters who lose their parents in a car accident. Ana Leticia causes the accident, which leads to the death of her parents. Her sister Ana Laura loses her leg while Ana Lucia falls in the river and is raised by Soledad, a local woman who finds her.

Ana Laura grows up to be an innocent and lonely girl. She refuses to believe that Ana Lucia died in the accident and hopes to find her. She falls in love with Ramiro but she feels unworthy of his love because of her handicap. Meanwhile, Ana Leticia is a narcissist who is always in need of attention and takes pleasure in humiliating her sister. She plans the death of her husband, Santiago but he survives and suffers from Amnesia. He however remembers Ana Leticia’s face and ends up mistaking Ana Laura as the woman he loves when he meets her. The story gets more complicated when the lives of the three sisters eventually intertwine.

You can follow The Three Sides of Ana on NTV from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm.


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