Fall into Temptation: Santiago Arrested for Carolina’s Murder

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: September 13, 2018

The new development on Fall into temptation is that Santiago is responsible for killing his wife Carolina!

The police searched Santiago’s house for his gun and ran a ballistic report which ended up proving that the gun used to kill Carolina was actually Santiago’s gun and the judge immediately gave out a warrant for his arrest.

At the time of the incident, Santiago was out of town with Raquel because she had not been feeling well and he wanted her to relax. They got separated and Raquel ended up getting lost but a couple found her and forcefully made Raquel stay at their house so that they could get some money out of it. They had realized that she was rich so they called Andres; Damian’s cousin who is also in love with Raquel to go get her and leave them some money.

Since Santiago was out looking for Raquel, he no one was able to reach him and alert him on what was happening. He was able to find Raquel right before Andres arrived. Santiago attacked Andres for wanting to leave with Raquel but things took a different turn. The police arrived to arrest him and Andres took the chance to file a case against him for assault.

Santiago was taken in for questioning but he denied having killed Carolina. Raquel wasn’t handling the situation well and Santiago had to beg her to believe that he didn’t do it. He wasn’t allowed to speak with her either because the police believed he had taken Raquel against her will; thanks to Andres so he actually had to shout it out to her.

With the ballistic report proving that Santiago’s gun was used to kill Carolina, it is going to be very hard for him to prove his innocence if indeed he is innocent. Do you think Santiago could have killed Carolina?

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